Yung Reece – Between The Lines

Yung Reece releases the music video for his new single “Between The Lines” produced by Franskiiz. The song is a catchy pop R&B pop song about a special lady. The beat, produced by Franskiiz, (@franskiiz) consists of a simple drum and smooth bass pattern paired with an airy melody. The singing compliments the beat well and creates a dancey vibe with a radio replay worthy chorus.
Directed by long time Nick Lumarque (@nicklumarque), the video is modern, cool, and vibrant.


We see Yung Reece looking formal and proper in a suit and then cuts of him in day to day/club attire dancing with background dancers and a Lamborghini Truck. The simplicity of solid choreography and clean lighting was all that was necessary to make a great video for a great song.

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