Young Ridah – Westside Phoenix Arizona ft. Trap House & Dayo G

Young Ridah Phoenix: has been riding hard for the streets of Phoenix, Arizona. So he decided to do a whole song about the city. The video shows gritty footage of the south side of Phoenix mainly around Maryvale.  Directed by Berber Productions, the video show cases cool aerial shots of Dayo G chilling inside a baby blue old school Impala. Arizona veteran Trap House spits about 50 seconds about the harsh realities of growing up in the west valley. Young Ridah reps his hood and raps on how he has to stays strapped in case any one wants to run up him. This is my first time hearing Dayo G, but that boy can sing and he sounds like an young Akon. If you like this song check out P. “Phoenix Nights”.


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