Charles Goose – Yodeling Walmart Kid

Los Angeles based rapper Charles Goose achieved fame when he decided to remix Mason Ramsey’s vocals into a hiphop song. For those who don’t know who Mason Ramsey is, he is the Walmart kid that went viral for yodeling Hank William’s Lovesick Blues. With in a matter of days the song reached a million streams and ranked #2 on Spotify Viral chart. Sadly due to copyrights infringements the song was taken down from Spotify.Walmart Yodeling kid, Walmart Yodeling boy, yodeling boy, yodeling walmart kid

In the middle of the chaos, Goose felt compelled to shoot the video at Walmart to pay homage to Mason. The video was directed on an iPhone 8 due to the time sensitivity of the trend. The comical video captures Charles ghost riding a motorized scooter and acting a fool as we’ve seen in many Walmart memes before. If you like this song check out a similar track by AKT AKtion “No Cares”.


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