Will Claye – Down ft. Mitch

Former gold medal Olympian Will Claye starting making his name for himself in the rap game back in 2012 when he linked up with up and coming rap star YG. Little did he know at the time that the record they made together would go on to have 53 million views on YouTube (YG – IDGAF). After that the Phoenix native started working closely with his colleague Mitch Kastoff who had connected him to YG. Since then, Claye and Mitch have been inseparable like Jordan and Pippen.Will Claye Down

The pair teamed up for the “Down” video, which is pretty much a song celebrating the duo’s success and thanking all thier friends that were there from the beginning. Claye shows off his new Los Angeles pad as he raps through the house on how he and all his friends eat together. Former producer Mitch does an excellent job of hyping up the video with his vocals, which he sings in the majority of the song. If you like this song check out Claye’s partner and Interscope artist Mitch.


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