Westside – Brownboi Maj ft Dice Soho

This was the collaboration of the year, in my opinion. But that’s biased to the fact that I have been a fan of Maj and Dice for so long so when Westside was released, it’s a pleasant surprise. The video does take place outside of the city though, but I figured it’s okay because it’s still on the west coast. We all know that it’s not a Brownboi Maj without some henny and I like how he carries that part of him throughout his music. The whole beach vibe is pretty cool. I personally have never been to a beach so to see just how simple and dope it could be is nice to experience through this video. The song though, always about minding your business and doing your shit, which is something that I always respect. Overall, Maj never fails to impress me and I’m honored to be from the same city as a young legend.


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