Album Review : #WeezleWeezle

Being conscious of the local music scene, there always music that gets presented to you that made you think, ‘if this guys get the right marketing behind it, this can blow’. Unfortunately, for Weezle he never really got that. In fact, if I were to rate his presentation, I would say its seemly poor and unorganized. And this isn’t to say that this review on his album is promo for him, I’m simply stating the obvious. Although music and art as such , is all subjective, and can only be placed on a certain category where seems fit. So for this review, I kept an open mind, as there was some hype from a few friends that were in the industry who had kept anticipating this release and rated this project as if it was a major label release as oppose to just another local artist post. So if the Brooklyn, New York native reading this. Brace yourself, this won’t be judged with easy taste even though it’s your first official release.  The #WeezleWeeezle Album review starts now.




Album Review : #WeezleWeezle

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1. In Flex We Trust – 7
2. Motivation – 9.5
3. Flexing Drum – 8
4. H L Y W D – 8.5
5. Party Girl – 9
6. MimizZz – 8
7. Say So – 6
8. U Should Go – 9
9. 50 Below – 5.5


In Flex We Trust – The slow intro was a little intriguing. Kept checking my speakers to raise the volume. Not sure if that was intentional, but through me off from paying attention right away. Had to back track a little bit. The track’s attitude takes you on a ride for the ambitious person to vibe to. Set a certain tone, somewhat of how the Weeknd bring with a different subject at hand. I can see why its a starter track, but not my first pick to begin the album. Overall still a vibe you can mesh to.

Motivation – Talk about waking me up right away. Superb word play. Weezle snaps hard on this. The way he changes his flow 3 times sending his message makes you just low key wish you knew the lyrics to rap with him. I have no complaints on this record. Keep bringing this on the table and you’ll be filling a void that the industry doesn’t have much of. Ear candy to the audience that likes to hear good lyrics executed well on a generically made beat.

Flexing Drum – This gave me the same vibe that Motivation brought. Generic beat. Lyrically delivered well only difference was there was a catchy hook to ride a wave to.

H L Y W D – Something different to present. 100% about riding a wave. With the subject of not really fucking with anyone. And not into being around people who all about recording their lives, assuming social media. People being extra just to show ‘clout’. Hense, the hook states ‘No Pictures’. Great vibe. Possibly a radio record.

Party Girl – This has to be my favorite track on the album so far. At first thought, wait, he’s tryna sing ? (Not another wanna be Drake)…. but right as I was feeling doubt, he corrected me immediately with the way he started rapping. This song really speaks to women on what someone who is smooth, wanting to get the girl he wants. Almost as if a guys as the club and about to approach a girl who is completely out of his league but has the courage to approach her anyway with this vibe. Great melody, hook, lyrics. Fellas, something to share with a girl for sure. I recommend this to all the Club DJs to play this towards the end of the night while everyone is completely wasted and guy have the liquid courage to sing this to a girl he probably wouldn’t get at any other time. LOL

MimizZz – What a inventive way to make a sex song from a Latin term to go to sleep. Definitely a radio record in my opinion. Especially here in Phoenix, where we have a large Hispanic audience who would love to relate to this. Usually, latin artist when using Spanish words in the majority English song sounds corny to me.  He executed very well without me really noticing. This was all about delivery, if I heard someone else say these things, It’d be terrible. Swag on this track is heavy. Radio DJs, catch this one ASAP.

Say So – Song feels like it was a fill in to the EP. Not a bad track, just felt like it could been better written.

U Should G0 – Neck in Neck with Party Girl. A great track, that changes the mood. Hits home when you listen to the lyrics. Makes you think of the last time you had a bad break up. Brings back feelings for sure. If I put this on again, I think I might end up love it, even though I’m not even dealing with a break up lol. Guess that says something. Well put together.

50 Below – Least favorite on the track, I guess I can see why it was placed last. Not that its a bad track, but its the outcast of all the other songs, that he had on the album. Although mid- song you realize it the last track and gives you “this is it” feeling. And end with the extended instrumental slowly fading out, makes rethink of the opinion on the whole album. Left me bit wanting more, because I haven’t completed my observation yet. But nonetheless it was the end.

The album wasn’t a disappointment at all. In fact met and some tracks exceeded the expectations I had for him. This album was much like riding a wave with him. The way he’s able to switch his styles mid song without changing the pace of the song is amazing. It’ll take you a couple listens to realize it but hear this type of switch up in the entire album. Sound is very unique simultaneously current on whats out right now. Do I think he’s commercial? No, not yet. But can definitely see him grow to a much larger audience later and you can tell he has a recipe to good music, with catchy hooks and strong delivery. At no point did I think he was tryna mimic anyone else, although you can sense inspiration from mainstream artist that are hot right now. This album is a great project to introduce him to people. And even better, I think there’s a little something for everyone here. If he keep this sound up I can easily see it fitting to the new era of Hip-Hop/R&B. I hope that there’s enough marketing to spread this, and expect to keep hearing new releases. NUPLAYLIST APPROVED.


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