Vonte Mays x Dizze Inkz – BLACKBALL

To have been present for the making of this video was a cool experience. It was my first time meeting Dizze Inkz and on a Valley Club Records set. Speak about talent and energy; what you watch in the video during the shots in the kitchen does a fairly good job at capturing the energy that night however, shit is always sweeter off camera but it’s an extremely great video to have on replay nonetheless because of the “match my energy” effect it can gravitate through the screen and speakers. Dizze Inkz and Vonte Mays knew exactly what they were doing like they were reading each other’s minds because they way Vonte bounces off of Dizze’s flow before smoothly transitioning into his own was not hard to miss at all. You just can’t act like you didn’t hear that type of talent. As far as the video itself goes, I’ve watched a lot of “homies in the kitchen” scenes but this one was so crisp and naturally; no one was trying to front and I respect that so much. And to end it with Dizze walking into the room and closing the door behind him was key.. I don’t know how else to explain that but it was the essential part of ending everything you just watched.


Vonte Mays x Dizze Inkz

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