Vonte Mays – Smoking On Woods ft. LilCJ Kasino

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Vonte Mays is definitely smokin on some woods with this one.  It seems like every time the Arizona honcho hooks up with Vigilance Beatz and WiFye they create magic.  LilCj Kasino is featured on the track, who’s been making some major waves on World Star Hip Hop. Kasino alone has over a couple million plays on his video catalog. Together the two kill the trappy beat rapping about money, blunts and bitches.  Kor put in some heavy footwork for the video, traveling to Phoenix and Fort Worth, Texas to capture all the scenes. The hardest scene is when Vonte goes fishing in Tempe Town Lake, another first for Hiphop, not a lot of rappers are comfortable like that. If you like this song check out Vonte Mays “What Is That”.Vonte Mays LilCj Kasino


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