Vee Tha Rula – Murda Murda

Vee The Rula has been flying sky high since he’s been on tour with ASAP Ferg for the Mad Man Tour. Rula has been shutting down sold out concert venues all over the country and the reactions have been insane. Crowd footage shows concert goers inanimately excited to see Rula. His social media has been exploding with thousands of new followers and it’s no doubt his fans hysterically love him.Vee Tha Rula Murda Murda


In the “Murda Murda” video you can feel Vee’s energy jump right out at you. The video was directed by AIW & Xiris and there are heavy tones of red to give you that firey, passionate and rage type of feeling. In the chorus Vee raps “My Family, I got em, My Fans know I got em” kind of to symbolize that he’s not going to let anyone down that believes in him. Or else there’s going be some blood on the streets lol. If you like this song check out Mark Battles.


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