Vee Tha Rula – I’m Fine feat. Xiris

  • 99%

Vee Tha Rula was my first ever review on Nuplaylist so it’s always great to go back to where I started. Firstly, the message this song represents is absolutely something to live by. Vee quoting himself in the beginning is only the start of being fine. Let’s talk about the video though.. the city, we all know I love seeing the city but to float in the clouds above the city is a whole different type of city love. It’s like a representation of watching the city always. The visuals effects put into this video are well placed; the stars surrounding the palm trees, the race through the streets. Now, when we move to the lyrics, I think they’re as real as it gets. Only you can listen and interpret how they make you feel as an individual. Through Vee Tha Rula to Xiris, we’ll be fine.

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