Trippie Redd Dark Knight Dummo

Trippie Redd – Dark Knight Dummo ft. Travis Scott

Trippie Redd Dark Knight Dummo: Up and coming rapper Trippie Redd achieve some fame late last year. Apparently the original God’s Plan featured Redd and it was in heavy rotation. As we all know Drake released the single with out him. Redd continues to make huge advancements in his career. He has solidified a spot in G-Eazy’s The Beautiful & Damned Tour and now releasing his own major single featuring mega rap star Travis Scott.

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The Dark Knight Dummon video is like a possessed scene out of Dusk Til Dawn. Throughout the video Trippie and Scott are shooting zombie like characters like it was a video game. This video is worth watching and will keep you watching till the end. If you like song check out Kendrick Lamar All of the Stars.

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