Trinidad Cardona – Even If

Trinidad Cardona asks the timeless love question will you love me for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health. In his latest visuals Trinidad sings his heart out and wonders if the next girl he’ll be with, will be there for him. It seems like Trinidad struggles in relationships dealing with women and materialism. In his last song Trinidad mentions how this one chick to all his dinero. In this song he asks if his love interest would stay with him even if didn’t have an Audi. Trinidad has a beautiful voice and he reminded me of an Usher you got it bad type of vibe. Around the 2:17 mark Cardona really surprised me as he jumped into a 30 second freestyle that was lit AF. Either way this song will have you feeling some type of way and have you looking at your significant other, thinking, are they really down.Trinidad Cardona Even If


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