Trinidad Cardona – Dinero

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Trinidad Cardona Dinero: is the biggest R&B artist to come out of Arizona, since Jordan sparks. Cardona has only been on the music scene for about a year, but had a huge break out single with “Jennifer”. With the right management and timing, Trinidad accumulated over 40 million views on the single alone. In May of 2017, Cardona singed with Island Records and shortly move to Los Angeles after.


In the video “Dinero”, the viral singer sings in Spanish talking about how he’s not a drug dealer, but qoutes “Pero escucho corridos que juega tomando tecate”. A Corrido is type of Mexican music genre and Tecate is a popular domestic bear as he refers to his ethnic up bringing. He then goes on to proceed how he keeps spending all his money on this girl, just to impress her. In the video Trinidad is seen purchasing and driving a Mercedes Mclaren ($450,000 whip). The upbeat merengue song has rhythmic salsa piano thats carried thought out the background, that makes want to get up dance.


Trinidad is on a fast pace to success. With his very unique singing style and incorporation of his Latin roots. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of this 18 year phenom. If you like this song check out J Romero Loco.


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