Trey Esco: Carlito’s Way

Being shot in just an apartment complex type shit is tough because how you make yourself credible in video is more valuable than a way of living, feel me? For example, how can Trey Esco shoot a video in an apartment complex and make me feel secure about how I grew up JUST based on the fact that you can go hard as shit wherever you stationed at currently. It’s all mental.


Not to mention one place of scenery credits a lot of editing to keep the video entertaining and they keyed that as well so for example, I like how Nappy only got down with ONLY the glitchy affects because normally he goes all out but I feel like for precise location, minimalistic is key. It ties everything I just said into one box.


I love listening to Trey Esco. This man comes with such a soft, mellowed out voice but every bar he spits is hard as shit. He’s a very balanced artist, overall in a top number bracket.

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