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Top Requested AZ: Top 10 Videos of 2019

This year we’ve decided to focus more on the music as opposed to individual accomplishments. Not much has changed in power rankings as far as Arizona rappers goes. There are some new faces and adjustments to the line up, but Futuristic still remains at the top (check out last year’s POWER 10). The Arizona hiphop landscape has significantly evolved and artists are making huge strides, grabbing the attention of industry’s most illustrious rappers. In 2019 Arizona artists got over a 100 million streams combined on Spotify, which is almost double from the previous year in 2018. Huge round of applause and pat on the back to everyone who continues shine in the sun-shine state.


The criteria for the Top Requested AZ (TRAZ) songs is based on the artist’s ability to push the limits of creativity. Of course we also took into consideration the artist engagements they received and the number of streams it achieved. With so many great songs to chose from, this year was extremely hard to judge. So if we missed anybody, no disrespect, everybody stepped up their game. So without further a due, here are the top requested AZ songs of 2019.


TOP 10

10. Cash Lansky – OPP

From the jump we knew this video was going to be something special. Cash Lansky’s raspy voice over the comical scenes between him and death were oddly mesmerizing. Lansky is based out of Tucson, and used a lot of iconic buildings and landscapes in the background. Truly this video was symbolic in so many ways and could have been turned into an indie movie.


9. Chalease – Got It Like That

Everything from start to finish was over the top. From wardrobe to scene location, the video was tastefully done and it looked like a million dollar production. The song alone was ranked #1 on NuPlaylist for over a month. “Got It like That” embodies everything needed for a certified platinum hit. Dayo G sang the shit out of his heart and really gave it the R&B pop vibe that’ll get everyone off their feet.


8. Jalopy Bungus – No Promises

This year Bungus blessed with some incredible hits, but it was his ninja mastery in “No Promises” that he impressed us with.  At a first glance, you get a gory glimpse of Jalopy being harassed, but in the end he gets the last word. The song appears on his critically acclaimed album “Samson”, which also features his controversial song “No Food February”.


7. Dela Preme – Get A Life

When the video first started, it felt like you were watching a trailer from “Bad Boys” movie.  Literally the video had a gangster plot, laser guns and sex scene. The song on top of that is catchy AF and Dela Preme drops what we consider a “classic” hit that be played for ages to come. The song is featured on his latest album “Skrrrtday” and is probably the most celebrated project of the year.


6. Injury Reserve – Jail Break The Tesla

With Elon Musk name all over the internet, Injury Reserve made a brilliant move by revolving their whole video on a Tesla.  Injury Reserve also featured “Caroline” hit maker Amine on the record, as they had a good time ghost riding the X. The beat also incorporates all kinds of crazy car sounds making the video one of the most unique looking visuals of 2019.


5. 11th Son – Safe

If you don’t know who 11th Son is you better pay attention quickly. Every video he’s dropped has been a movie and  his special effects game is legendary. In the video “Safe”, 11th takes us through the dark and twisted streets of south Phoenix. Where friends become enemies and your enemies become yourself. The video leaves you with so many questions, was he on a bad trip? Are bad people out to get him? Or this is all in his mind as seen in the end when he confronts himself. Cinematography was on another level and the story line was A+.


4. Sincerely Collins – Yap Yap

One thing about Collins is when he puts his mind to something, he does big. Yap Yap single dropped about a year ago before the video was released, but he knew he was sitting on something special, something timeless. Well director Malakai heard his call and transformed his vision into a 1980’s infomercial. The video had some huge sponsorship behind it and Collins really got back to his directing roots. Yap Yap is an undeniable hit and was one of few records played on Phoenix radio stations on regular basis.


3. Futuristic – That’s That

Who would have known that this video would be the beginning of Futuristic new movement of organic recorded sounds. For an instance in “Thats That”, he made the beat solely out his voice and pencil. In one of his most recent releases “Gut Puncher”, he uses his best friend’s stomach to create the beat, produced by go to beatmaker Boy Lord. Particularly in this video, Futuristic makes great use of the 1 scene location, especially with the sexy chica Karla Marie. Now that Futuristic is partnered up with Jakob Owens on owning their own movie ranch, hes created dozens of similar videos, once again dominating the music video game.


2. Ali Tomineek – Toast feat Lil Baby

Although technically this is not the official video but more like the in-studio version, “Toast” is as industry as it gets. Ali Tomineek flexed hard on the competition this year, when he won the “Spark The Beat” competition hosted by Doritos. This paved the way for the Lil Baby collaboration. Tomineek was also park of the Netflex series “Rythm + Flow”, backing Tomineek career as an upcoming super star.


1. Alexcis – Chico feat. Wiz Kahlifa, Kap G.

Originally “Chico” was released under the alias “Brown Boi Maj” and was bold enough to re-brand his name amidst huge promotional campaigns. Talk about having balls, I’m just going to change my name midway my successful career. Now thats confidence. Aside from the name change, “Chico” is absolute certified hit. The song features two mainstream artists, Wiz Khalifa and Kap G. The video sort has this cool Pablo Escobar theme to it, but you can clearly feel the Hollywood film production, especially with all the sexy senoritas flocking around. What we especially like about the song, is how Alexcis switches up chorus in Spanish English , giving it that Latino international vibe. The beat produced by the legendary Tony Choc, also gives it a salsa/merengue flare, making this a universally loved hit. This song was number #1 on NuPlaylist for 2 months straight.


Honorable Mentions

E$cott – Crazy

E$cott goes off the deep end on production and shoots full out movie that looks like Shutter Island. Not only are the visuals insane, E$cott goes off the dome with his delivery and lyrics. E$cott did an amazing job executing his vision.


Dann G – Cheater

The visuals for this video are off the charts. Dann G crushes his verses in Spanish and English, making this single go beyond the realm of hip hop.


BenFly – Style N Skrrrt feat. Dela Preme

This video is smooth as hell, and it really captures BenFly’s freshness.


Pariah Pete – Young

Pariah Pete is definitely on the road to lyrical stardom. Garwin Chadwick murdered the editing in this video.


Weezle – Fake Woke

Weezle writes a heart felt message the whole internet needs to hear. The song also had an outstanding 165K streams on Spotify.

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