The Real AK – Bank Roll (Remix)

The Real Ak started going viral on social media about a year. At first you see a dorky white guys comes up to the mic and your like haha I can’t wait to hear what comes out of this guy. And then POW, the kid starts dropping just straight bars, with dope lyricism and a ferocious delivery. What’s even crazier is the kid is only 18 years!! With close to 1 millions subscriptions on YouTube and over 27 millions views within a year, this unsigned independent artist is a force to be reckon with.


In his latest YouTube video, AK puts his own spin on 21 Savages’s Bank Account. I can’t help to notice he sounds like a younger better Machine Gun Kelly. AK even sings and creates his own chorus for this one. Although this young man is a lyrical threat, Ak’s YouTube channel are all remixes and we have yet to see an original compositions. But I have no doubt in mind Austin Kassabian will create some dope shit and we’ll be hearing from him on the near future. Be sure keep you eye on this lyrical genius. If you like this song check out Joner Lucas.


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