Dizze Inkz – TALKIN SHIT 2

& onto the next one – dropping same day as “SNOW MAN”, Dizze Inkz opened up the video with the most respected flex I ever seen on any video from Arizona. In reality, I think only he can flex like that because well.. do your chain be beeping? Also, I’m unsure how Dizze does it but he can stand front and center in any location and not make it seem like just a normal living room. Of course, ol’ boy strumming the gun like a guitar made it entertaining but still, who else can just pull your attention onto the screen, no matter what you’re seeing unlike Dizze? I’ve watched a lot of Dizze videos and they’re all unique and different from each other and we respect a out-of-box king because too much shit is repeated so for Dizze to be able to bring you that many videos – and not have them seem the same is realness at it’s best.

Dizze Inkz is unstoppable and I realized that after watching this video.. and if you disagree with me, go ahead and talk your shit but I won’t hear it because I’m too busy listening to Dizze.


Dizze Inkz

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