Spotify is now the most powerful tool for artists.  That’s why an effective playlist strategy is vital to having a successful career. The biggest aspect of any strategy should be gaining support from as many playlists as possible.  For the professional artist, our Platinum plan is structured to organically spread out support and engage the Discover Weekly algorithms. Buy Spotify streams

Why It’s Important To Be On Spotify Playlists Best Spotify Playlist

Spotify pays more than double what Youtube does for streams so success on Spotify means success for your bank account too! Our playlist contacts are part of the public, so after your campaign is over you can continue to submit to them on your own. Major labels make the majority of their money now from streaming services so they are always seeking new artists who are gaining popularity on Spotify.  Popularity on Spotify = interest from big labels. We’ve also received reports that many music supervisor’s seeking film and TV sync’s utilize Spotify playlist’s to find new music to license.  Sometimes being in the right playlist will get you and opportunity to have your music licensed. Spotify is the fastest growing music distribution platform. Buy Spotify Playlist followers cheap

What a lot of artists don’t understand about the Spotify algorithm is that the more playlists you’re on, the more visibility Spotify will give you.  Obviously the bigger the playlist the bigger the exposure. According to Complex Magazine being on a major Spotify playlist is the equivalent of headlining at a SXSW or Coachella festival.


How to get on Spotify Playlist Workout Playlist


If you’re working in the music industry as an artist, manager, label, distributor or any other field you’ve probably had or heard a conversation about the power of Spotify playlists. Some questions I frequently get asked are “how can I get on Spotify’s playlists?” or “how can I get on RAP CAVIAR?” or how to get on other playlist integrations?” buy spotify plays


For some context, Spotify is currently leading the streaming market with 75 million subscribers and 150 million active users in over 85 territories. There are over 2.5 billion playlists on Spotify owned and operated by everyday users, brands, independent curators, official curators and the millions of algorithm based playlists that reset weekly. NuPlaylist being one of them.


NuPlaylist has developed a new approach for Spotify artists to get exposure. As former artists, we found it difficult to get placement on any major platform. But that’s no longer the case, we took it upon ourselves to create a network of top rated playlist curators that were willing to give artists an opportunity to get their music heard. Currently NuPlaylist has access to over 4 millions followers collectively combined in our playlist network, all within the Hip-Hop, Pop, Rap and R&B genres; steadily growing as we add new curators and playlists everyday. The new era of introducing new music in the industry has shifted and has now moved into playlist placement. Many will argue that iTunes, plays a hefty roll in the stream world, which is true. Although, there’s no way of getting on the main pages in those playlist, streaming stations, podcasts, without a label, or having strong ties with the creator of that platform. This is why Spotify has become the go to choice for artist promotion. Spotify Playlist


NuPlaylist takes pride in music marketing. We believe that influence marketing is what separates us from other agencies and our access network can make anything happen to say the least. Our diversified portfolio spans across all  social media networks, please see below.   buy spotify followers


Instagram Network: 10 Million Followers

Twitter Network: 20 Million Followers

Snapchat Network: 10 Million Followers

Spotify Network: 4 Million Followers

Facebook Network: 30 Million Fans

Youtube Network: 5 Million Followers buy real spotify followers, buy real spotify plays, buy spotify monthly listeners, how do get my music on a spotify playlist


We guarantee results and value the time of our curator partners so we can only promote songs that have been pre-approved.

Please send us a link to your song on Spotify on this form and someone will get back with you. We are receiving a large number of submissions so please be patient. Everyone will receive a response.

If your song is not chosen, please don’t take it as criticism. Sometimes we are not able to approve a song because it does not fit with any of the playlist’s in our database.



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