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Snow the product is the first Mexican Latina female rapper. Claudia Alexandra Felicianohave has been on the grind since it’s 2007 and has been putting in work consistently for 10 years now. Snow has released over 100 videos on Youtube. She has close to 500K subs and 66 million views, but still remains to have a break out single.

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Her latest single “Anyway” features Castro Escobar, LexTheGreat and was produced by Dj Pumba. Snow Tha Product takes a different approach on this song by sing rapping most of it, which really doesn’t characterize her rap abilities. In other songs, the word smith raps is extremely fast and might be considered one of the fastest rappers in the game. “Anyway” is featured off her “Vibe Higher” mix tape. On this song Product speaks on how everyone’s is all up in her business. But none of it really matters, especially when you’re to busy getting money. It’s business as usual for Snow, and she keeps it moving despite whatever they may say.snow tha product waste of time lyrics, snow tha product nude, snow tha product waste of time, snow tha product body, how old is snow tha product

Also be on the look out for what I think could be her break out single “Help A Bitch Out” feat O.T. Genesis below. If you like this song check out Brownboi Maj Spotlight.

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