Sincerely Collins – Yap Yap

After watching this video several times, “Yap Yap” is officially the best video of the year. The song has all the key ingredients to make this single a certified viral sensation. Aside from the beautifully orchestrated song, the video production directed Malakai is legendary. Everything from the 80’s infomercial intro, to the work out camp, to the foxy ladies shaking their ass, is tastefully done. The whole experience is reminiscent of an old school Michael Jackson video that enthralls in from the beginning to end.  The video is even sponsored by some top notch companies in Arizona, “Pura Earth” a cannabis products company and Territory Dispensary.  Collins got back to his director roots and you can similarly feel the creativity in “Yap Yap” like you do in “God” and “Others” videos.

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