Sincerely Collins: Not From This World

Alien Nation leader Sincerely Collins musically has been on another level of extraterrestrial proportions. His videos or should I say movies are like works of art. He might want to consider converting his latest video “Alien” as a NFT and call it a day. Collins is like fine wine, his creative talent just keeps getting better. The visuals on “Alien” is a combination of Predator meets Ghost Busters, I mean did you see that mask, its legendary.


Aside from the cinema candy, the song is not too shabby filled with double entendres and metaphors that’ll make you mind explode. I was really digging his flow from :56 – 1:18 where he uses the word “yea” after every bar, like Juvenile from “Back That Azz Up”. Overall the song and video get an A+, and should be added to your daily playlists.


Sincerely Collins


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