Shameless – Lifeoflares

First things first, this is a LA artist so things are a little different but you can understand why I vouch for the song, the video and the artist. When you first watch the video, it’s in the middle of the desert which is an automatic Arizona feel and although Lifeoflares’ choice of wardrobe is questionable, he still very much pulled off the location. The edit of the video makes the surrounding desert life come to life and that to me, is beautiful. Now, onto the song; it’s personal, it’s honest, it’s real. You can expect nothing less from Lares and that’s why I respect him not only as an artist, but as a person. Many people can walk into the studio and just talk, but you can tell the difference with a genuine artist who ‘speaks’. It’s a shameless song, nonetheless but if you listened to the lyrics.. what did you expect.


Favorite lyrics: ‘I don’t fuck with nobody ’cause nobody can do the job’

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