Seven Trill Parts Ways With Management

Arizona’s elite rapper Seven trill has been awfully quite lately. Seven recently pulled a Beyoncé and released a new album out of nowhere. Normally in the past Trill would do a large social media push before hand, but not this time around. Upon further investigation of YouTube, his last major video release was on September 25, 2017 entitled “Everythang Water”. Prior to that it seemed like he was dropping a video every other month. A closer look into Aktion’s Instagram account (Trill’s manager) reveals no posts, tags or mentions of Seven Trill anywhere, yikes. NuPlaylist contacted a couple credible sources in the Arizona’s hip hop scene and discovered indeed Seven Trill and Aktion had parted ways due to some financial disputes. Whatever the case may be I hope these two can resolve their differences quickly so they can get back to the trill aktion, eat my beats contest, akt aktion, only dreamers

Seven Trill Aktion Split | Seven Trill AKT Aktion

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