RYDA x Kaden Gray – Deion Sanders

To begin, I want to say how much this song excites me. It’s definitely one of those songs where you listen to it and then anticipate the video when you know it’s in the works. As far as the video goes, you can listen to a song and never get an idea about what type of video should be created around that specific sound – but then the video drops and you realize that it couldn’t have been made more spot on. Usually, I like watching videos that tell a story but I feel like a “story” made for ‘Deion Sanders’ would’ve felt forced so I like the simplicity of the kitchen shots mixed with the back alley along with the cars and boys. It emphasizes the lyrics to this video enough to make the edits pop out to their own effect as well. Normally, everything seems mashed together so you can only focus on one thing but not for this video; the edits made you hear the lyrics, if that makes sense. With just a few back to back of the same scenes, it’s important to not make the video feel repetitive so adding different visual edits to each scene was genius.

RYDA and Kaden Gray are on the verge of becoming an outstanding duo – evil twins & since I’m such a huge fan of this video, I’d love to see more of what they can bring together.




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