Roqy Tyraid – Plynwcha

  • 91%

Roqy Tyraid might be the most underrated independent artist in Arizona. Tyraid unleashes a lyrical firestorm on the hip-hop world that could shatter the earth’s atmosphere. And let me tell you something Roqy aint playin witchu. I can hear the tenacity in his voice like he’s got a choke hold on the game and its apparent by the visuals that he could be a menace. On the drop of dime Roqy can murder the best lyricist in a cypher or rap battle instantly. Roqy Tyraid plynwcha

His lyricism is mind-boggling raw and he uses some of the most sophisticated word playing that’ll make Logic turn his head. The beat produced by MOTIF ALUMNI reminded me of early Dead Prez HipHop smash hit. I feel like Tyraid is on the verge of a new rap conscious movement like Public Enemy and “Plyncha” is just the beginning. If you like this record check out a Vee Tha Rula “Halo”.


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