Moe Marley – Refund ft. BenFly

Here comes Moe Marley once again, back on his shit and this time, he came around with none other than BenFly. After hearing this joint, everyone gonna have to refund any doubt they ever had on Moe Marley because this man came through.

Off rip, this video is very Moe Marely – flashy and visually entertaining. The visual timeline was a great one as well; hitting the jewelers, posted in front of the iconic South Phoenix spot and the small recorded squares throughout really took it home but it was nothing like running up on ol’ boy who tried to make a fool out of you. Overall, the lyrical aspect of this song is interesting because instead of the usual refund off of something materialistic, sometimes we have to refund on someone we chose to surround ourselves with because just like some fake ass gold off the street, they weren’t it.

Moe Marley a genius because BenFly brought everything that was needed to this song turned video.


Moe Marley x BenFly

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