Proph – Million feat. Prync & K. Mahree

Proph was smart for throwing Prync on the hook. I love seeing Prync continuing to do his thing and I have yet to see a video from him that didn’t give a “classy” appeal; featured or not. Prync is one of Arizona’s true gentlemen and I don’t expect any other sound from him. & explaining how beautiful the Aaliyah cover was, is a whole review in itself. Proph came through with a harsh balance and I absolutely think that was needed on this kind of song because if Prync was bringing the flavor, Proph needed to bring the fire and that’s exactly what his voice brought – heat. However, you also need to add sexy flare and that’s where K. Mahree came in. A queen in itself and her voice is a smooth her moves.


Every artist came with a scene that matched their words. their voices and everything they were bringing to the table. A vibe in every frame and a vibe throughout the city.

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