PKM – Rest In Piss

I seen PKM face one time and next thing you know, REST IN PISS dropped. That’s the way the city block work. Every video by Valley Club is my favorite because they edit them so clean and simple. PKM’s glowing shirt and slo-mo’s tied in the video and I’m here for it. It was one of those visuals that you see elsewhere and you’re just like ‘damn, this is it’. I’m also a fan of the lyrics on screen and I say that all the time but come on, it makes the video authentic; like I’m watching it on MTV early in the AM way back when. PKM has this soft, hard flow and it’s different than the usual hype shit that we get. It’s something new in the city for me and I want more of it. Honorable mention: 10th ave and buckeye around the corner from the crib, that’s real city shit.


Favorite lyrics: ‘you aint actin so hard with me aiming on you’

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