Peso Peso x FreddyKev’$ – SCREWED UP

After the Peso Peso show, I realized the energy this man can bring to the city and then to express that energy by shooting a video with Arizona’s FreddyKev’$ is hard because he definitely fucking with the city. The beginning of the video is my favorite because it doesn’t get anymore Arizona than the lowrider + AZ shoutout. Shot by Arizona’s finest, Kor Capital, you knew he was going to homage some Valley Club in there like the old warehouse and only real ones could’ve spotted that. My absolute favorite scene though, is when they were sweeping the money and gun on the garage floor but the biggest flex came from Peso Peso, when he poured water onto his chain. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fan of Freddy or Peso, you know this song slaps and it slaps even harder with them together.

“now I’m posted rockin LV in the function”



Peso PesoFreddyKev’$

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