Nubs St Pierre A Days Work

Nubs & St. Pierre Record Album In 1 Day

Nubs and St. Pierre release their first collaborative album together and judging by the album title “A Day’s Work” automatically shows ambition. So with out further a due lets start with the 8 track EP, which supposedly was recorded all in one day.Nubs St Pierre A Days Work, oddsquad, nubs oddsquad, st pierre only dreamers, armless rapper, rapper no arms, rapper with no arms

1. No Help – 8
2. Neva Slippin’ – 8
3. Motion – 9
4. Chin Up – 9
5. Oh Wow – 6
6. Bless Up – 8.5
7. Be Yourself – 7.5
8. Upright – 6.5

No Help – This is a great beat. Especially for his choice of flow. The lyrics are also pure and true, “we don’t need any help, we got this” that’s real.

Neva Slippin’ – Definitely a song about working hard for your work and literally never slipping. Any artist who put their all into their work will understand that nothing can come in between them and their work.

Motion – “I’m just a product of my scars”. This feels like the most personal song on this album and it is by far my favorite. From the beat, to the auto-tune, to the flow, down to the lyrics.. it’s very passionate.

Chin Up – When in doubt, listen to this song. That’s literally all I have to say, and then thank Nubs because he killed this.

Oh Wow – Personally, I think the flow could’ve been better for the beat, but it is an overall great song for when you’re driving through the city.

Bless Up – A song for anyone who truly knows the blessing behind working nights and early mornings, losing people along the way and some sanity.. all the struggles that come with turning your dreams into a blessing. Highly recommend this song to everyone.

Be Yourself – This is a genuine song about being yourself and then staying true to yourself, even after the come up. Humble. That’s the true art about being an artist.

Upright – This gives me an old school rap type of vibe because of the flow. If you’re a Dmx/Eminem fan, then you’ll be guaranteed to enjoy this song. Great flow fro a good beat.

8 tracks ends now. Nubs knows exactly what he’s doing with his flows, obviously makes him that much more of an artist. When it comes down to hip hop/rap music, I’m more on the look for a match-ful beat and he delivered. I’m glad I was introduced to this album because it introduced me to a new genuine artist from the city.

– LV

  • 85%

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