Nubs & St. Pierre – Neva Slippin’

  • 91%

Nubs and St. Pierre go fucking nuts for their new video Neva Slippin’. The Odd Squad members pull out all the show stops for this one, including 2 Lamborghini Aventadors. Majestro JD Films goes nuts as well, adding all kinds of crazy visual effects, including a scene where St. Pierre seems to levitating in the back of an alley. Nubs new found fame has him feeling some kind of way, as he raps about his never ending hustle and bossing up his business IQ. The Only Dreamers rapper say’s he never slipping, despite having a prosthetic legs, which is the hardest line ever.nubs neva slippin


St. Pierre sort of resembles and almost sounds like the rapper Belly, but in a better way. Pierre murders the 2nd verse and the chorus as well, but around the 2:27 mark the rapper really turns up a notch. This is my first time hearing St. Pierre, but the kid got a lot of fire and his delivery is mad crazy. If you like this song check out Will Claye featuring Mitch “Down”.


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