Noah Wright – So Cold

Noah Wright (@iamnoahwright) releases the visual for “So Cold”, the single off his most recent project, “Meta”. The video, directed by (@tonykurefilms) shows Noah in a toxic relationship with a girl (Nikki Nichole) that sucks the life out everything.


It starts off with a skit: Noah waiting in the car for his girl, who went into a house to rob someone. When she comes out she has the money but her face is covered in blood. He asks her what happened as the video cuts to what really went down; ultimately showing that she’s a vampire.


The song begins and we see Noah playing piano with dead women everywhere. The story progresses as Noah, annoyed at his girl, drives away into the night eventually getting pulled over. She kills the officer and the story unfolds…(Not gonna explain every scene, go watch the video, it’s great).


The song ends and the skit comes back and we see the girlfriend crying because she knows that she messed up. This time however, Noah won’t allow himself to forgive her, he knows what he must do.


The song is a solid, catchy, and relatable track. Noah raps slow, fast, and smooth while rapping with a message, and bringing it all together with a memorable chorus.  The video is great as well as the creativity, story, and production are a testament to his dedication.

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