MELO – NO TIME Ft. Ckorey Blunt

When I first seen that Kor Capital was shooting a video in the same projects I used to spend some time as a kid, I was more than interested to see what the whole outcome of the video was going to be and after watching it now, it was thoroughly put together. It took me back to the days I was walking around the same complex and the drone shots overlooking the city couldn’t have added more beauty to a place I call home so visually, this is 100 percent a great video. Not the mention the other scenes with the boys and the whips; you rap what you preach. This is my first time listening to Melo and Ckorey Blunt and I have to say, they’re an interesting duo but they work. Melo comes in at such a precise pitch that Ckorey easily balances out with harshness. Defiantly have to keep my radar open for future sounds and so should you.


MELOCkorey Blunt

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