Nipsey Hussle Tragically Killed

Nipsey Hussle was gunned down in front of his store and died at the age of 33. At a first glance when we first heard of Nipsey Hussle‘s death, we thought another senseless act of violence due to the violent nature of hip-hop. Now you might say Nipsey‘s gangster persona is what probably attracted negative energy around his surroundings. But a deeper look into Nipsey Hussle’s life and you’ll see he was an OG philanthropist who genuinely cared for the greater good of black culture.


In one of Nipsey‘s interviews he mentioned that morality goes out the window when you’re in survival mode. Further more, when you’re in stable point in you’re life, only then can you truly help others. Nipsey was caught up in the gangsta life growing up and most likely participated in some unsavory activity. But It seemed Nipsey had finally achieved a good state of conscience with the success of his music. His music had impacted millions and gained notoriety from the industry, simply because he kept it real. He was considered to be the realest buy many, but came with a heavy price tag.


Once he was in a position to help others, he started doing so by educating others and was literally in the process of filming a documentary with well known herbalist named Dr. Sebi.


Nipsey’s had an undeniable charisma everywhere he went he was welcomed with open arms and created relationships with hip-hop’s elite. Even Jay Z supported a lot of his business endeavors, like when he applauded him for selling the first $100 mixtape. Nipsey was a hustler, a father, a brother and a friend and he will be dearly missed. But his contributions to hip-hop and humanity will always be remembered.nipsey hussle, nipsey hussle instagram, nipsey hussle and lauren london, nipsey hussle ig, nipsey hussle net worth, lauren london nipsey hussle, nipsey hussle victory lap zip

***Update: Nipsey Hussle murder suspect Eric Holder A.K.A. “S–tty Cuz,” was apprehened by police on April 3rd and awaiting his trial. His bail has been set at 7 million.nipsey hussle lauren london, nipsey hussle net worth 2018, nipsey hussle slap, nipsey hussle age, nipsey hussle double up, nipsey hussle store

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