Nano – Cold World

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Nolimit Records artist Angelo Nano drops his first video single after a one year hiatus. The Master P affiliate experienced some family hardship last year, when his father passed away. Since then Nano has been been on a rampage, recording song after song, channeling all his energy into music. In his latest song “Cold World”, Nano describes his recent past as no one being there for him in a time of need and even gets back stabbed in the process. He also vows to never to go back to that dark frigid state of mind he was in. Veteran producer Vigilance Beatz produced the beat, which in my opinion is one the coldest beats I’ve heard in a long time. The airy synth in the track has a very unique and new age sound to keep your ears ringing. If you like this song check out another hit single by Angelo Nano called “Fame”.Nano Cold World

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