MobFam – 50s And 100s

Arizona cactus king pins MobFam release their latest single, 50’s and 100’s. The 808 Bay Area beat starts off with Mob Fam member T.S rapping the catchy chorus. The song sounds like a modern day version of Lloyd Banks hit single “Beamers, Benz and Bentleys”. The video takes place at photo shoot where you can see a luscious black model posing for the camera. The rest of the footage takes place in a music studio and in front of a couple American muscle car. Although the video doesn’t feature no real story line, theres no denying that this song is certified hood hit. I definitely see this bumping all over the city of Phoenix. If you like this track check out Bouji “DryWall”.mc magic, nastyboy records, nastyboy, kid frost, lil rob, old school hiphop, arizona hiphop 2018, javi, jefe gang, new mobfam, young arizona, vibe with you, tashan stewart, i dont trust em, champagne drippin, No Feelings, fresh As im izz, 50s and 100s, jefe javi, the unbreakable mobfam, trapfamilia,,, latino trap rappers


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