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Mitch Goes Cosmic For His New Album

Mitch debuts his first solo project and it’s out of this world. The album has already reached 1 million streams on Spotify shortly after its release deaming it an instant success. The day I was offered to write about this album, I had just seen posts swirling all over social media so it came as a surprise that it’d be an album I would have reviewed without question. Also, the simple creativity on the cover just grabs your attention.mitch space

1. Time – 8
2. Juice – 7.5
3. Find Out – 8
4. Jersey – 7.5
5. Ima Dog – 8.5
6. Jokes On Me – 10
7. Trade My Main – 8
8. Ride – 9
9. Intellect – 10
10. Deny – 9
11. 4 Myself – 10
12. Never Hate Me – 8
13. She Don’t Lose – 8.5
14. Do Her Own Thing – 8

Time – The beat came in so smooth and there’s added in and out sounds that were well placed. A great song about going back and forth with giving someone time.

Juice – If you got the juice? Play this song. If shorty got the juice? Play this song. The title speaks for itself.

Find Out – The beat is very smooth and R&B-ish. A cool song if you’re feeling a song to drive to at 3 in the morning. This is the effect it gives even though it is a song about keeping a secret from shorty.

Jersey – I remember people always talking about “hanging up the jersey” to settle down and so for it to be turned into a song, is actually really smooth. Everyone can enjoy this song.

Ima Dog – How the hell can you have YG on a track and still have your specific style incorporated in it? Big props to Mitch for that. He handled the song, beat, and style as if he was made for it. No doubt that he was.

Jokes On Me – This was the first song I heard off the album and it’s fucking great. Made me want more. The soft beat had a small 90’s touch to it and it drew me in instantly. Not to mention what the whole song is about.. a relatable situation with real feelings involved.

Trade My Main – From the female in the beginning to the way he has his voice sounding, you definitely get a Bryson Tiller vibe and that’s pretty dope. If you know you got a real one, this is an appropriate song.

Ride – The whole pause thing going on with the distant background sound is very clever. The way the pause slows down before he starts singing again was a cool idea.

Intellect – This song actually blew my mind. The way the beat gave off a soft R&B sound smooth bass, made it the best beat on the album. I more of this. The song is powerful but the beat alone would’ve sold the song.

Deny – I like how the beat dropped and he came in singing right away. That went hard. The way his voice flowed with the beat drops is a good touch and the lyrics are just the type of lyrics that match the beat.

4 Myself – OMG. The way he and the beat came in hard at the beginning of the song was absolutely GENIUS. The flow on the song was smoothly sung. Also, the song speaks on everything we need for ourselves.. Money, time and space.

Never Hate Me – A song in general made about anyone who can’t ever say you didn’t go hard for them. Even though Mitch made the song for a female, it works for people in general, that’s how powerful the lyrics are. Also, the piano, PERFECT tough for this song.

She Don’t Lose – Another track with YG except, it’s more Mitch’s style which is smoothly transitioned into YG’S flow and it makes it as if their voices were just made for each other. Great song to be driving around the city with shorty.

Do Her Own Thing – The continuous background “tick” is what made the whole beat if I’m being honest. Really a song about an independent queen.

So when it comes to the end, I was very much impressed. I am a person who loves a great beat. Beats eats sell me, and Mitch truly delivered an outstanding album because of his beats. There wasn’t one song on this album that I wanted to skip through. He just has that sound that is uniquely his but puts you at a calm setting because of how smooth his music his made. Almost makes me feel bad for barely discovering him and if you aren’t listening to him either, then I don’t know what’s wrong with you.

– LV


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