Mateo Haze – Seedz ft. Dela Preme

  • 93%

Underground artist Meteo Haze debuts his newest visuals “Seedz” targeting the greedy agendas of corporate America. The socially conscious video advises listeners to wake the fuck up to all the nonsense being shoved down our throats by the entertainment industry. Dela Preme had a little more urban approach than Meteo. Both artists were speaking facts and their word play is impressively¬†intricate. It was to the point that they were dropping so many metaphors and double entendres that would make even Jay Z look stupid. The duo along with the jazzy beat sort of resembled a modern day Tribe Called Quest. Keep your eyes on these two because they can be a problem in upcoming rap battles or cyphers. If you like this joint check out Lamar Crushin “I’m Sayin”.


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