MastodonRare – Honest

  • 85%

After watching the “Honest” video, I have to give MastodonRare an A+ for creativity. MastodonRare stepped out the box on this one, which is very rare to see in Arizona, hiphop in general. I’ve been noticing a huge trend with rappers lately making the video size into a square format, instead of the traditional YouTube rectangle dimensions of 1280×720.  Popular artists such as Brock Hampton might of initially started the trend but its now catching like wild fire.MastodonRare Honest


MastodonRare adds his own twist by using very unusual props settings, like kids play ball pin you might see at Chuck Cheese or the over sized pink throne. Wherever the hell he shot this at, good shit and shouts out to Taimoor Faizi for the visualizations. On top of all that, the song has a cool upbeat Jamaican vibe to it and have to be honest I like it. If you like this song check out Brock Hampton “Boogie”.


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