Mars x Paco DOE x G$ CBG – FIVE

I’m excited to write about Paco DOE right now because he’s been on this road for a while and I’m excited to see him going down it. Of course though, this video isn’t just him. He comes with his boys ‘Mars’ and ‘G$’ to give the city “‘FIVE” and you should be listening to it five more times because this song bangs. Not having so much of a beat intro and Mars starts going in at 1 second into the video is cool because usually, people start paying attention to the video playing on the screen when the words start flowing so Mars wasted no time handling that business and as far as Paco and G$, they each brought their own flare to the video as well – more realistically though, they complimented each other. Usually, someone could be too loud or on another flow or just not belong at all but these 3 must be friends for a reason because the way they came together was natural and on the same page like they read each other’s minds.


Mars x Paco DOE x G$ CBG

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