Lil Mazii Jugg – Kill His Aura

See, I was peeping LilMaziiJugg going hard on twitter and then it went a little quiet and I recently stumbled across him again, on Instagram and realized that he was never quiet, just working. More of the city needed to hear about him and so, here we are. I am a sucker for a hard, ignorant beat with a great energy flow that doesn’t make it sound goofy. MaziiJugg killed the beat and owned it. Not to mention, the video is just as hard. It’s simple, but almost what you’d expect with a song like this. Not only did MaziiJugg kill his aura, he killed his flow and beat as well and in due time, he’ll kill these tracks in the city.


Favorite lyrics: ‘that’s on my soul, I can never fold’

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