Jaxx’s Got It Like This!

You can’t even begin to understand how fucking great I think this song is.. Jaxx is one talented ass individual and after watching him climb this ladder, I’ve come to realize that he can really set things in motion for himself. When “Like This!” dropped, I remember setting a mental reminder to check it out asap but with all the thinking I do, that got lost away so when I finally came around to hearing it.. I was obsessed. The way he changes his voice throughout the song is a game changer because the one part that stood out the most is the way he raises his pitch when singing ‘mad ’cause I got like this’ because it really makes you feel geeked as hell.

This video dropped as quick as the song took off and being shot in the canyons of Arizona, you know automatically that my biased ass was already a fan and after watching it fully, I have to say that I stand by my initial opinion. I’m a huge fan. The video gives you a wave of Travis Scott videos mixed with Jaxx’s personal touches and the most beautiful scenery, of course. Overcast couldn’t have done such a better job, in my opinion. That expressed very vividly how I would have expected a video for this song to go.



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