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Lebron James Co-Signs AZ Artist T-Whiz


Talk about co-signs of ALL co-signs. When Lebron James re-shares one of your videos on Facebook, its a big deal, its almost life changing. And if that wasn’t enough the video was sponsored by retail giant Walmart. Truly anything is possible. T-Whiz an Arizona artist who started working at the Walmart in San Tan Phoenix about a year ago, might want to consider looking for an agent. The young artist takes us on a day of the life tour as he prepared himself for the Arizona HipHop Festival (AZHHF). The video is very humbling as T-Whiz starts off by recounting his story when he first started at Walmart on a 4 month contract. That lead to a managerial position, which lead to finding out about the OGP Rap Battle contest, to now being front stage of millions of people. WOW!


T-Whiz goes on talk about how one connection lead to another, until he accomplished one of his life dreams of performing on stage.  Working with Walmart really helped build his confidence not only because they recognized his work ethic, but they also supported his music passion. As a Walmart associates he was able to take advantages of his resources to amplify the impact he could make on his life and the community.  In closing you want to make a difference in this world, all you have to do is put your mind to it.



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