Lamar Crushin – Look At Us

Lamar Crushin is the best rapper I’ve seen come out of Phoenix in a long time. Ive seen a lot of rappers come in and out of the valley. But Lamar’s lyrics, flow, energy, concepts, swag, yes I said swag is fucking flawless in this video. The motion picture movie, not rap video, was directed by Garwin Chadwich, who goes by the name Mr Nice Productions on Youtube. Together the two of them keep you clued to the screen like an action packed thriller. Lamar sends out a warning signal to all his haters saying he’s a nice guy, until you test him. Crushin seems to indicate not to mess with him, unless you want to get touched homie. I don’t know Crushin personally, but I wouldn’t want to be on his bad side. If you like this song check out Vee Tha Rula “Murda Murda”


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