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Krownsound artists Chief Dze, Charley Brown and King Emmitt takes us back to the good old Badboy days. E&J sounds like a sped up version of Lil Kim’s and Lil Cease “Crush On You”. There’s a lot of east coast influences in the song and KrownSound did an amazing job adding their flavor to it. Chief Dze starts of the 1st verse and kind of sounds like a modern day Biggie. Charley Brown adds his singing/rapping abilities to the track which was very refreshing to hear. King Emmitt drops a Mase line right out the gate and in my opinion had the best flow of the trio. The video is trippy AF and Isaac Joel uses a very unique filter that makes you feel like you’ve been drugged up. Overall they did the beat justice that even Notorious would be proud of.


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