King Lil G – En La Cuadra ft GeraMx

Coming off the birth of his first born child, King Lil G fittingly drops his new video entitled “En La Cuadra”. For those of you who don’t speak Spanish it stands for block or in my hood. In the song both rappers reminisce about growing up in the dangerous streets of south Los Angeles. Lil G raps that he was never afraid of moving around because he was always surrounded by 10 shooters. Most Mexican rappers don’t even speak Spanish so it’s refreshing to see King Lil G use Spanish slang words like “neta” which means “for real”. The video directed by Arizona’s own TrulyFilms captures some cool visuals of the California’s marijuana scene as well as a lit underground party where the AK47 Boyz are partying it up. If you like this song check out another single by King Lil G called “This Noxx”. king lil g La Cuadra


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