Kill Stacy x Lil Prada – Glock In The Mosh Pit

Alright, first things first, I’ve seen these their vision since summer 2017 and I am happy to see how far they’ve come. But GLOCK IN THE MOSH PIT is the most insane video I’ve seen this year for many reasons. You got Mars’ Smoke Shop, other artists, their show and etc all in one video. It’s more than I’d expect and the whole robbing scenario etches on insanity that much more. As for the lyrics, each verse, each word, expresses them individually but as a whole and it shows why these two are great together. Lil Prada mentions 35th and that was home for a chunk of my life so it added on purity to the video. Kill Stacy and Lil Prada are an uprising duo and you don’t see that now, don’t put up a front in the future like this is what you’ve been knowing.

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