Kill Stacy – No Option

The first video off his new album, ‘Malicious’ and it’s everything I thought it’d be. Kill Stacy is the type of man who can become a mannequin and people will rap to his music and moshpit to his shit without him having to start it first and that’s shown in this video. It’s a subtle, complex video and the black-light made it more “sui generis” if I may. Having the video be made from one main angle made me feel like I could’ve been there and that’s bracing for the simple fact that videos should make you more interested in the song, not bored of it. You have no option but to enjoy the video and rap along to the song – thanks to my favorite feature, the subtitle host at the bottom. If you liked this song, listen to the whole album. ‘Kill Stacy’ energy all the way through.

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