Kill Stacy – Glocc Lesnar

Alright now, this is my favorite song from Kill Stacy & 100 percent I know it’s because of that sample in the beginning.. it puts me in a daze and I appreciate music that can give me pure emotion; even just for 14 seconds. I wish I knew where that sample was from because it sounds too familiar. Anyway, this video is another video of Kill Stacy’s that was not shot ‘professionally’ and it captures Kill Stacy in his finest of moments. You don’t need much to explain yourself as an artist and I learned that from watching Stacy all these years.


I don’t even need to explain this song because you should’ve been knowing – all I had to do here was introduce this video that I didn’t even know was being made but am so happy to have released. Want to peep a dose of Stacy’s personal personality? Watch this video; and the other; directed by Rice Cognac.

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