Kanye West TMZ Full Interview The Media Doesn’t Want You To See

After watching the 30 minute video, I must say I’m a little confused but also invigorated. Not sure if Kanye West is doing all this outlandish behavior for album sales or to really push his free thought agenda. When Kanye said Slavery was an option, the media totally played that out of context. I genuinely think Kanye was trying to use slavery as metaphor for the enslavement of the human mind in today’s society.Kanye West Full TMZ Interview

West goes on a rampage on very thought provoking conversations such as public opinion of white people killing black people. It seems like the black community tends to lose their mind to this, but when it comes to black on black violence, no one bats an eye. This very heated argument between West and Van Lathan is one Ill never forget, but what so amazing about it, was how amicable they handle the situation. Nither one of them lost their temper or let it escalate it to violence or name calling. We all have our opinions and differences, but in this day of age, one bad indifference can cause a life time of hatred.


I though it was very honorable the way Kanye announced to the back office of TMZ that he had a drug addiction to opioids and had lipo suction performed on him. That takes a lot of balls. Where I think he failed was in his delivery of this sensitive information. I think he could have had his publicist send out a communication on Extra and be done with it. But in Kanye’s world, being unorthodox and going against the norm is actually OK, so I am going to let Ye slide with this one.


Overall, Kanye is really thinking outside the box here, he’s literally making a box of his own in a sense and challenging traditional institutions of this false reality West keeps referring to. Lets be honest, as a human race, we can’t seem to agree on anything, especially in today forever changing political climate. But that doesn’t give you the right to go shoot up school to get your point across. Personally I don’t always agree with on what Kanye West does or say, but what I can agree with him on is his ideas on free thought and free love.

Kanye West Full TMZ Interview | Kanye West Slavery Was An Option


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